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Guitar Lesson

Do you teach students how to read music?

We do! We want our students to be well rounded musicians and we incorporate sight-reading into our teaching for all levels. If it is something that you are not interested in learning, please do not hesitate to inform us.

How long do I need to take lessons?

The period of time that a student is enrolled in the program is entirely dependent on you/the parent. The basic fundamentals can take about three to five months to learn, but music is a science that can be studied for a lifetime.

How much is school tuition?

Take a look at our "Plans & Pricing" section for detailed information

Is the price list the set prices for lessons or are there additional fees for lessons?

We value honesty and are up front with our pricing. We list the fees for our private lessons with no additional hidden fees. More can be found on our "Plans & Pricing" section.

How often should I be practicing?

We go into greater details about this in our enrollment packet, we recommend that you practice about 30 minutes daily for improvement.

Do I need to be a pro to take lessons?

The answer is no. Lessons help you turn into a well rounded musician and it teaches you how to become a pro.

I don't want to perform, are recitals mandatory?

Although we encourage all of our students to perform, recitals are not mandatory.

What happens if I want to discontinue lessons the following month?

There will be greater detail of this in our enrollment packet, but we usually need to receive a two weeks notice before the next billing cycle.

For any additional questions, please send us a request form, or contact us.


Thank you for your interest in Stand Out School of Music!

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