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Music Class


Accelerating the brain development of your child through private and group music classes!


Research-based music classes for preschoolers and infants in Tampa

Ages: 0 months - 5 years old

Stand Out School of Music’s Mini & Me Program is an early music education program that aids in accelerating brain development in young children. Music at an early age helps a toddler express themselves creatively by developing fine and gross motor skills; it expands their communication and imagination, creates a sense of belonging, and it makes them happy. A child will learn to recognize music sequences and patterns which is an advantage for more advanced instrument training.


  • Slow and fast tempos

  • Steady beat and rhythm

  • The different emotions of songs

  • Familiar tunes 

  • A variety of child safe instruments 

  • Movement while using child safe props

  • The sequences and patterns of music


  • The development of fine and gross motor skills

  • Develop language skills

  • Aids the management of emotions

  • Allows a child to have a safe and happy place which creates a sense of belonging 

  • Builds self esteem, communication, imagination, and self expression


  • 30 min weekly classes

  • 5-7 spots per group 

  • Private classes available 

  • Upon enrollment, families may purchase safe musical instruments to practice at home 

Pricing Information: 

  • $285​ per child per semester (8 weeks)

  • $150​ per child per half a semester (4 weeks)

  • $35 for siblings who are 1 years old and under

  • For current students & family: $20/class

  • Pay per class: $40


Not ready to commit yet? We completely understand! Try a class at no cost to you. We will regularly host Mini & Me trial classes to give parents the option of trying a class for free. 
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