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Stand Out School of Music’s Mini Prodigy Program is an early music education program that aids in accelerating brain development in young children. Music at an early age helps a toddler express themselves creatively by developing fine and gross motor skills; it expands their communication and imagination, creates a sense of belonging, and it makes them happy. A child will learn to recognize music sequences and patterns which is an advantage for more advanced instrument training.


Each class is designed to be 45 minutes long.

Registration is for an 8 week semester in order to give your child the time to acclimate to the activities.

Parents receive printed materials which will enable them to effectively remember the activities at home.

Parents may purchase a backpack kit that is filled with children safe instruments in order for them to practice the activities at home.

One parent/guardian is required to attend and participate in classes.


$290 per semester

$12 per class or $80 per semester for siblings under 1 years old

If you want to add this program onto your child's weekly music lesson: $40 per semester

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