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Music Class
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Accelerating the brain development of children through group music classes!


Research-based music classes for children in Tampa.

Ages: 2 - 4 years old

Interested in this program?

Try a class for $5.

Stand Out School of Music’s Music Explorers Program is designed to foster the development of children through the power of music. Early exposure to music ignites creativity, refines fine and gross motor skills, nurtures communication abilities, and nurtures boundless imagination. It creates a strong sense of belonging and spreads happiness throughout. By participating in this program, children not only engage in a joyful musical journey, but also develop an innate understanding of musical sequences and patterns, providing a solid foundation for future instrument training.


Join us in unleashing your child's full creative potential through the magic of music!


  • Fast and slow tempos

  • Steady beat and rhythm

  • The different emotions of songs

  • Familiar tunes 

  • A variety of child safe instruments 

  • Movement while using child safe props

  • The sequences and patterns of music


  • The development of fine and gross motor skills

  • Develop language skills

  • Aids the management of emotions

  • Allows a child to have a safe and happy place which creates a sense of belonging 

  • Builds self esteem, communication, imagination, and self expression


  • 40 minute  classes 

  • 4 classes per month

  • 4 spots per group

  •  Class structure

    • Welcome, Greetings 

    • Instrument Exposure & Exploration

    • Singing, Dancing & Instrument Play

    • Goodbye & Closing


$100 per month (includes 4 weekly lessons)


$25 per class

First time drop-in : $10


Wednesday: 10:30 AM

Thursday: 11:00 AM


Discover the joy of music with our Music Explorers $5 Trial Class! Designed for curious minds aged 2-4, this fun-filled session introduces your child to the magical world of music. Through interactive activities and play, we'll nurture their creativity, motor skills, and early communication abilities. Come join us for a memorable musical adventure, where every beat and melody sparks a world of wonder.
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